One thing I am learning to love about the powerbook is the elegant way it sleeps and how rapidly it wakes up. After lifting the lid it takes only a few seconds for the system to get back in to the state it was when I put it to sleep.

At first glance this may not seem too amazing, but I’ve successfully done this slap bang in the middle of a compile of the x-server (a highly intensive process that takes  about 6 hours on my powerbook, and is liable to fail if anything goes wrong), a dvd backup, and watching a dvd. To me, this is a truly marvelous technical acheivment, I can’t beleive I wasn’t aware of how well macs do this before.

As a measure of Linux’s rock solid stability, sys admins often compare their “uptime” (how long a server has been running) with other sysadmins to see who’s the daddy. At work I’ve got some heavily linux serversthat have had (sniff) uptime in excess of 3 years. I can’t describe how painful it is to have to do a kernel upgrade and reboot the machine every so often.

Now, the good bit… Despite taking my laptop from home to work and back again every day (often via the cafe in borders to meet friends and do some personal web surfing) and playing games and switching networks during each stop, my uptime is currently 5 days! (Well, it will be in 22 mins when I finish writing this).

spooky:~$ uptime

13:11  up 5 days, 11 mins, 4 users, load averages: 1.38 1.03 0.78

Many Windows Desktops that never sleep can’t get uptime like this with minimal system usage, let alone a portable machine that sleeps several times a day. All the hardware comes back to life no problem and the software is fine too.


This is going to be fun seeing how long I can keep this going.



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