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T9 Scrabble

January 28, 2006

Also apparently known as T9 freudian slips.

Sometimes you can speel more than one word using the same button clicks… sometimes there words are related in an amusing way. Here are some highlights:
kiss & lips
home & good
hole & golf
pint & shot
cider & cheer
barmaid & carnage
bitches & chubbies
rejected & selected


cock & anal

I suppose this site says it all


google linky-loo

October 21, 2005

I’ve got a personal website with some technical writing that could be useful to others but I can’t get google to resgister it. I added it to google about a year or two ago, and after a few weeks it was down due to some DNS problems. During the DNS problems google removed the site and has never let me re-add it. The onlt thing I can think of to re-add it (after reading through the google help/faq) is to add some external links back to debased, so this is it.